Forest Scene


They say sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees — but at Vaagen Brothers Lumber, that’s exactly what we try to do. When we look at our surrounding forests we see more than just logs to be harvested for lumber. We employ forest stewardswhip practices that aim to utilize all material we harvest, leaving little to no waste behind. It’s a philosophy — a way of seeing our business — that we call FiberVision.

By aiming to eliminate waste and productively utilize as much of the harvested log as possible, we help reduce fuel for wildfires and prevent disease from spreading from tree to tree. Currently VBL treats over 30,000 acres a year on Federal, State, Tribal, and Private lands removing 800,000 tons of biomass and small logs. The fiber is removed through a vast network of contractors both large and small. Small saw logs and pulp logs are harvested and hauled by conventional methods and the remaining fiber is ground into fuel for a bioenergy plant. Some of the solid material is chipped and sold to pulp and paper mills. The larger diameter material is converted into solid dimensional lumber products.