Forest Scene

Sustainable Forestry

Making the best use of forest resources doesn’t have to mean damaging the environment or endangering the species that need a healthy ecosystem in which to thrive.

Harvesting smaller logs helps reduce the potentially devastating effects of natural calamities like disease, fire and insect infestation. Thinning crowded stands, improves tree spacing, and helps eliminate potentially hazardous fiber that can increase the danger of fire and disease, allowing the trees that remain a healthy environment in which to grow.

Another important aspect the Vaagen approach is known as optimal resource utilization. Simply put, the goal is to make the best use of as much of the harvested log as possible. Bark, chipped logs and other wood fiber are processed and utilized in the paper and landscaping industries. These products also help to create the green energy that helps power Vaagen’s Colville mill — and provides electricity to the region as fuel for Avista Utilities’ wood waste generating plant in Kettle Falls, Washington.

By helping to sustain the forest, Vaagen Brothers Lumber is supporting both a healthy, growing business — and the communities and customers that rely on it. Making the best use of each log and doing what’s best for the forest itself helps to perpetuate a cycle that’s endlessly renewable and offers benefits to all.